3 Top Tips For Passing An Interview

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Candidates who have got to the interview stage should congratulate themselves; however, they may be feeling nervous of the next step in their job application. That is why our tips on how to pass an interview every time is a must read.

1) What are they looking for?

Before you can prove to your future boss you are the ideal person for the job, you need to ascertain what it is they are looking for. Do your research and see what gaps in their business they need filling in.

It is a good idea to look up the interviewer as well as the company, which is becoming easier and easier these days with the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn.

Come prepared to the interview with reasons why they need you and why you are ideal for the role, while also bringing references and questions of your own. You will look confident, informed and organised, giving them less work to do in the long-run.

2) Don’t waffle

Nerves can easily get in the way when interviewing, but try not to let this affect your answers. Interviewers have jobs too and have probably seen multiple candidates already, so they do not want long-winded answers.

Stick to the point and make them concise, while still answering the questions clearly. You want the interview to feel more like a dialogue instead of a Q&A session, so chat to them like they are future colleagues instead of it being an interrogation.

Provide specific examples to show off your experiences, and do not just recite your CV. An interview is your opportunity to give them information about yourself they would not otherwise have known.

3) Just be yourself

In this case, the cliché is true – be yourself and let your personality shine through. Interviewers want to check you are compatible with themselves and the rest of their team, so if you hold back your personality they will not see your character, humour and sociability. Therefore, they may assume you are not a good match for their staff.

Be confident and have enthusiasm about the role – and the rest will come.

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