4 Team-Building Ideas To Try Today

It’s vital that businesses ensure their employees all pull together as a team, working towards a common goal, if your company is to be as productive and as profitable as possible. Team-building exercises and days out are great for encouraging people to work together – so here are four ideas to try out this week.

Escape room games

Not only are escape rooms brilliant fun for all ages, they’re also perfect for getting people to pull together as a team. You’re basically locked in a room and you have to work out how to escape through a series of different clues. There’s sure to be one in your local area so do some research now.

Foot Golf

One of the newest and biggest games to have come out in recent years is FootGolf, a combination of both football and golf (unsurprisingly). The game is played on a golf course where the hole is big enough to accommodate a football and players teams to compete to be the first to win a round. There’s also golf Frisbee (known as Disc Golf) if you want to try that out as well.

Back-to-back drawing

This is an easy one to do in the office, perfect since you don’t have to go anywhere. Split up into pairs and sit back to back. One person will be given a picture of a simple image and has to give their partner verbal instructions as to what to draw.

The Crystal Maze

Remember that amazing TV show from the 90s? Well, it’s back and it’s the ultimate in team challenges. Test yourselves in the adventure time zones, pitting your mental and physical ability against that of your colleagues.

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