5 Email Habits To Avoid Today

With the sheer number of emails that we all send every day, it’s no surprise that professionalism can slip from time to time. But it is important to remember that emails are still professional missives and should be treated as such, depending on who you’re messaging of course. Here are five bad email habits to steer clear of if you want to improve your business etiquette this year.

1. Being overly casual

Think about your relationship with your email recipient. If you’re too informal you could easily portray yourself as unprofessional. Try and avoid emoticons, exclamation marks, shorthand or colourful text.

2. Vague subject lines

You want people to open your emails so having a subject line that simply reads ‘Hello’ won’t encourage that click. Make sure it’s immediately obvious what your email is about. It’s also important to note that a lot of spam emails start with random headers like this, so avoid confusion and be clear about what you’re sending.

3. Silly email addresses

Everyone had a ridiculous email address when they were younger but in your teenage years, you’re not supposed to know better. In the world of work, a professional and business-like email address is a must.


You must have noticed how jarring it is when someone sends you an email with words all capped up. It looks like someone’s shouting at you and can be interpreted as being quite rude if you send an email with random words done in capital letters. Avoid this like the plague, even if you are annoyed.

5. Typos

There’s no quicker or easier way of looking unprofessional than by sending an email that’s full of typos and grammatical errors. It shows you’ve not taken the time to read through the message. If this is how you send an email, is this how you get business done?

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