62% ‘Never’ Worked With Someone With A Learning Disability

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It seems as though more could be done in the UK to help people with learning disabilities get into the world of work, with new research from charity Mencap revealing that 62 per cent of people say they’ve never worked with someone with this kind of disability.

There are many benefits to employing such people, however, with Mencap reminding businesses that they could reduce recruitment costs, improve staff morale, see people stay in job posts longer and also improve public perceptions of their business if they do.

The study also revealed, however, that just 52 per cent of members of the public say they would prefer to work for a company that employs those with learning disabilities and it would seem that this attitude appears to be having an impact on employment levels among this demographic. It was found that just 5.8 per cent of those with a learning disability known to local councils are currently in work.

“This research and public reactions really highlights how a lack of understanding around what people with a learning disability are capable of is a crucial factor in the woefully low employment rates experienced by people with a learning disability,” chief executive Jan Tregelles said.

Learning Disability Work Experience Week comes to an end today (November 11th), but as a business you can still get involved and start offering people work placements this year and next. There are many ways in which you can get involved, but getting in touch with Mencap could be a good first step as they’re always looking for employers who are keen to support people with learning disabilities.

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