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Insight Discovery 72 type wheel

First find out what is Insights discovery and how it is going to help you and your coworkers to perform efficiently with the application of eight core personality types.

Insight Discovery in concise way-

Insights Discovery is a personality development tool which identifies a four colour model tool to diagnose chief personality preferences and united behaviors. It is based on Jungian psychology.

This tool is widely famous in corporate sectors, for large scale institutions and can be used for individual development. It results in good communication skills, better decision making property and overall great performance than earlier.

This procedure begins with a mandatory information page having some multiple choice questions with time duration of 20 minutes. After completion of this page your profile will be generated with detailed information like: communication type, strength and weakness, problem solving attitude and contribution as a team member.

Profile synopsis the “four colour mix” energies present in everybody: Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow and Fiery Red. Each colour of this energy circle encodes some personality preferences and combined behavioral patterns which are followed by everyone. Recognize what each colour is and get influenced by these to work efficiently with right actions on right time. With this four colour model others will also motivated and it will give good and memorable output.


 Insights Discovery

Confront corporate challenges-

Insights Discovery is act as a guide if you have to face any challenge in your business. Like: if you want to change team leader or want to restructure your crew then you can have any idea from this. Professional seminars or personal profiles can be organized according to the requirement of time and business demands. Practically it provides a global language to build better customer relationships, build healthy company environment and concoct performance management discussions. With Insights Discovery application people feel comfortable to express themselves easily, more aware and encouraged to encounter new challenges and work well in under pressure also. It will be more easy to work on weakness where you have to focus more and from where you can get more results in little effort.

8 different personality types mentioned-

According to Curl Jung’s psychological theory, each type is a mixture of intuition or sensing, feeling, thinking, extraversion and introversion. These all 8 types are described below-

Helper- Introverted intuition with extraverted sensing: Elastic in nature and gentle to others, shared ideas.

Reformer- Introverted intuition with extraverted sensing: Orderliness, guiding performance, determination.

Motivator- Extraverted intuition: Zeal, Positive attitude, drive

Coordinated- Introverting sensing: Time management, planning, organizing

Director- Extraverted thinking: Self-assured, resolute, and focused

Supported- Introverted feeling: Trustworthy, team approach, considers

Observer- Introverted thinking: Inquiry, product awareness, sets target

Inspirer- Extraverted feeling: Potent, people skills, creative.

In search of which of these personality types you are alike your report shows in which 72 segments of wheel you get fit. On taking colour mixture you can sit in one of the three circles of this graph. On observing this wheel you will find there are outer, middle and inner rings are made on this wheel. Each ring defines its own value like: ‘Focused’, ‘Classic’ and ‘Accommodating’ respectively.

Now it has become more comprehensive and you can fit in more than one ring on the wheel if you get two different answers from ‘Conscious’ and ‘Unconscious’ personas. Now the question arises what are these both? Let’s have an example-

Conscious Persona-

The direct responses when you access online anything, a merger of two, who you want to be and who you need to be. How you generally ACT.

Unconscious Persona-

The indirect response when you access online, this suggests your intuitive behaviour and exposes blind spots of mind and how you might REACT.

Your Insights Discovery instructor will show you report and explain you in detail till then you can see this example as a reference.

Insights Discovery 2


Insights Discovery profiles are excellent ways to know more about ourselves. How one can work on one’s weakness and overcome fear. This can be shared with friends, coworkers, crew members and can get good feedbacks. Before concocting any team it will be always good to have Insight Discovery session and get some good techniques to work with team. Remember a person who knows himself very well can guide path others also and can be a good motivator, teacher or guide also.





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