88% Of Primary Care Workers ‘Find Jobs Stressful

Practice managers, nurses, GPs and others in the primary care industry appear to be suffering from the effects of stress, with 88 per cent of employees in this sector saying they find their working lives stressful – compared with the rest of the workforce in the UK at 56 per cent.

This is according to the latest piece of research from mental health charity Mind, revealing that 43 per cent of those asked admitted that the stress they face at work has led them to either resign or consider quitting, while 21 per cent say it’s resulted in the development of a mental health condition and eight per cent admit that it has led to suicidal thoughts.

Chief executive of the charity Paul Farmer said: “We need to make sure that healthcare professionals are well and supported, so they can provide the best care for their patients. Working in primary care doesn’t, however, make it any easier to find the words to talk about your mental health at work.”

Fear of disclosing how they’re feeling appears to be an issue for those in the industry, with 31 per cent feeling that letting someone know they’re overly stressed would result in them being perceived as less capable than their colleagues. What’s more, 22 per cent believe that if they were honest about their mental health it would count against them when being considered for promotions.

This comes as Citizens Advice finds that people with a health condition are more than twice as likely to fall out of work compared with those who do not have health problems or who are not disabled.

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