05 June

Insights Discovery Helps Team Improve Communications

Almost everything anyone wants or needs will depend on others to a great degree. This is true for everyone whether they are managers, scientists, teachers etc…. Everyone’s success will depend largely on the effectiveness of communication skills. Communication is therefore …

11 December

Insights Discovery Under Pressure

The Insights Discovery model can help us understand behavioural changes caused by pressure and also how we can decide what to do about it! What actually is stress? Stress  occurs when the demands placed on a person exceed that persons perceived …

Improve through self awareness
20 January

Improve through self awareness

Self awareness is a highly fascinating topic as these days it is associated with solo bike ride to different isolated places and exploring various aspects of life, blogging, a well built guy is considered strong headed, weed and other alcoholic …

Building rapport
05 January

Why is Building Rapport So Important?

Rapport is an essential element in all our communications, affecting our ability to understand other people’s perspective and for them to understand ours. Without rapport understanding each other becomes extremely difficult and trust becomes challenging. Communications becomes difficult, misunderstandings commonplace …