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Branding Creating and Managing Your Corporate Brand

Changing brand strategy with the change of technology is good because by this way you can compete with market competitor. When you start introducing your own brand then you are making an identity through which customers will remember you and you will stand out from the crowd. Apply these strategies in making your brand.

Brand strategy is known as long term plan to set up its identity with its targeted consumers and audiences. A good brand strategy is showed from each part of the business and step forward towards targets. To begin with right ideas is preliminary step in your start up. Build a brand that is eye catching and can be remembered always. Your brand will also join competition in crowd. Now how to make an effective brand that will keep you in mind of customers. Let’s have a look-

Create a Tagline or Slogan-

Taglines or Slogan are small phrases that define any company or business’s profile. It implies what the business is all about and most vital thing is that you get noticed with this. It makes a difference from others by making it memorable. Like you can take example of McDonalds “M loving it” and PNB is having tagline “The name you can bank upon”. In addition to this create a logo which clearly describes what your business is and use both together without making it suspicious.

Introduce with a Logo-

A logo distinguishes your industry from others that all are dealing in same products. Logo itself describes company’s profile in which it is dealing, to which sector it is related. A logo can be a single alphabet designed in stylish way or a single line phrase or it can be any company’s name beginning letter also. In logo use colours also that go with the logo with making it impressive. Your logo should look professional that’s why it should be accurately designed because it is going to represent your industry. Hire a professional to this art and get your work done. You can approach online sites also who are offering this types art work on reasonable price.

Once you are ready with your logo be assure it to attach with every item of your company like: your business card, web page/website, social media pages, letterhead, envelope, giveaways and advertisements.

Avoid confusion-

Nobody likes confusion in any part of their work. So, when you are creating your logo or tagline make it simple but effective to avoid any confusion and hugger mugger.

Include Social Media Ads-

If you are unable to have paid advertisements then you can go for social media advertisements. In this way you will be able to approach target customers in pocket friendly manner. Sometimes social media advertisements cost no more than thousands rupees but before you take any package must check validity period.

Access E-mail advertisements also-

According to recent studies it is found that most number of people trust email advertisements and exactly they notice these ads more than other networking sites ads. People notice only 22-24% media advertisements attached through social media platforms. Then it’s better to have an email platform apart from phone calls, text messages and networking sites. Contact to Mailchimp and some other email marketing options.

Be prepare to run in competition-

This simply means be prepared to hustle. Remember if it is your work, your business then no one else is going to work on behalf of you not even technology. So, don’t rely fully on networking sites. Brand advertisement is the first step of any business. In today’s advanced technology there are numerous options but yes you have to take first initiative and it requires continuous efforts. A famous entrepreneur defined it very well and he says “Work like there is someone working 24hrs a day to take it all away from you”.

Tie up with other businesses-

Other industries are also taking help from advertisements, print media and etc. either related to your field or to another field. Search for different strategies by which you can get partnered with them. Travel agencies tie up with hotels, in the same way insurance industries tie up with banks. They together do marketing to target specific customers and customers also get benefits from both by saving money and time both. Sharing the cost of advertisements is a cheaper way with getting more number of customers to get in touch.

Sponsor any social event-

I have seen there are so many organizations that sponsor other community events like: cultural fest in schools and colleges, fashion shows held socially and some other functions. The reason behind this is people are not interested in reading only better they want something which they can see and visualize personally. Logo and tagline is not enough you have to make it that people notice it and get inspired. That is the reason sponsorship is in trend. Show your brand value in these events by organizing some fun making quizzes, games, small contests and etc. Meet people, take feedbacks and your relationships will be better in market.

Active towards your customers-

Nowadays customers are very attentive they purchase any product from that company from where they get positive responses. It means you have to be very careful with customers because in this technology driven times they have other options too. Here you are being lazy to give them answer others are just waiting for this time. If any customer is not satisfied with your services then right away take a step to response according to them. If customer mentions you on social media regarding complains listen them and resolve his problem if they are not totally right then also. Get connected with your customers everywhere like: calls, messages, video calling, and social sites. Therefore make strong relationships with them. Once they satisfied with your services they will give others also your example and this way your brand value will also increase.

Add Graphics-

While preparing advertisement web pages on your site better add some graphic pictures. Nobody wants to read lengthy paragraphs but yes they like to watch. Hire professionals and involve them for this. Graphic pictures not only make it effective but also it will catch eye of reader also. Graphics simply define whatever related to that particular ad in easy way.

So, now you have idea what a brand is? Why is it necessary to create a logo? These all related to business how you make people aware about your product in crowd and establish an effective brand value. Simply in single way we can say that this is an introduction of our business in market.

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