Can The Bleisure Trend Combat Workplace Stress?


There’s a new term that’s been kicking around for a year or so – ‘Bleisure’, or mixing business with leisure where travellers combine a business trip with something more fun at the same time. But can adopting certain strategies involved with this really help to tackle the problem of stress in the workplace here in the UK?

A recent BridgeStreet Global Hospitality study found that 60 per cent of travellers say they’ve taken Bleisure trips, with 30 per cent admitting that they actually added at least two extra days to their trip so they could relax and enjoy themselves a bit as well as doing business.

Striking a good work-life balance is important for all employees, no matter what business they’re in, but this can be hard to achieve if you’re going on business trips all the time. Being away from home for extended periods of time on a regular basis is sure to put pressure on both you and your family, but combining business with leisure certainly seems to be a relatively quick and easy way of achieving this.

What’s more, you could actually save yourself money on personal holidays if you do combine these with a business trip – and there’s certainly no reason why your family can’t come and join you once the business aspect of your time away has been dealt with.

Having a bit of downtime on a business trip can relieve feelings of stress and help you recover from jet lag if you’ve travelled a long distance, which is only going to benefit businesses in the long run since people are certain to be more productive as a result. Evenings out and day trips while away also represent great networking opportunities and can also help colleagues work better together once they’re back in the office.

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