Global Business Strategies

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Opportunities to take a regional business into the global market make it possible to strategically, smartly, and profitably accomplish more than you can by staying local. To prepare, you need to set your business up for success by being open to learning, to applying new ideas, and to continually reviewing how you can create success in the global market.

Topics such as trade financing, regulatory considerations, international business planning, sustainability, and much more are included in this course. The materials here are well suited for small and medium sized business leaders as they prepare to take their company into the global marketplace.


  • Describe the complexities of doing business in a global context
  • Discuss trends in global business
  • Apply strategies and tools needed to help shift a regional business into a global enterprise
  • Closely evaluate your current business operation and determine its readiness for moving into a global marketplace
  • Create an international business plan and prepare it for implementation


  • Understanding the Global Business Environment
  • The Global Trade Market
  • Products and Services
  • E-Commerce on the Global Stage
  • Working in the Global Context
  • The Economics of Global Business
  • The Logistics of Global Business
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Beyond the Rules – Ethical Concerns
  • Choosing Your Growth Strategy
  • Building Your Growth Plan
  • Implementing Your Growth Plan


Understanding the Global Business Environment

The global business market is a challenge that any business considering the shift from local to international shouldn’t take lightly. This session provides a definition of globalization, factors in becoming a global business, and top trends.

The Global Trade Market

The steady growth of technology has made the world a smaller place and facilitated the expansion of businesses across the globe. In this climate, it is a good idea to explore the feasibility and possible benefits to going global. In this session, your students will get a chance to consider available options, governing associations, and trade agreements.

Products and Services

Taking a look at how goods and services are traded across borders is a major factor to consider when considering the jump into the global marketplace, and whether you should trade in products or services. This session allows students to review how goods and services are traded and how intangible products are dealt with.

E-Commerce on the Global Stage

E-commerce covers a range of business-related events. This session covers the essential elements of e-commerce, including protecting information and different operational models.

Working in the Global Context

Cultural issues and any potential gaps are major factors to be considered by global business operators. This session gives a definition of the term “cultural gap” and also allows students to consider which countries offer the best opportunity for success.

The Economics of Global Business

This session takes a look at specific, complex issues like international trade and supply coordination. Students here are given the basics of trade finance, and related topics.

The Logistics of Global Business

Supply chain management is always evolving. With that in mind, this session gives students lessons in the fundamentals of supply chain management, including documentation, security, safety, and regulation.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations must be closely adhered to in the global business realm. This session takes a look at the essentials of international regulations, extraterritoriality, and related issues.

Beyond the Rules – Ethical Concerns

There are many different ways of doing business to consider when expanding into the international business scene. This session shows students ways to settle ethical questions, how to do business in a socially responsible way, and what sustainability is.

Choosing Your Growth Strategy

It’s important to look at international business growth from several perspectives. In this session, students are presented with the AAA Approach, which includes adaptation, aggregation, and arbitrage.

Building Your Growth Plan

The best results in business come from a well-constructed, solid plan. This session gives students the essential elements that are the keys to branching out across the globe.

Implementing Your Growth Plan

Following a decision to go global, the next step is to get your products or services to market. This session examines strategies to get your goods and services accepted in other countries.

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of the course, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.



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