How Insights Discovery Can Help Address Business Challenges

Insights Discovery profile

Rolling out Insights Discovery within an organisation can prove to be a hefty investment, especially if the organisation is going through the motions, individuals undertaking the online questionnaire, generating a profile – briefly sharing content with friends and colleagues and then simply filing it in a draw.

Truly embedding Insights Discovery to address business challenges is the key, getting the best out of people, making productive relationships, increasing profitability, onboarding, increasing agility and reducing costs are just a few examples of Insights Discovery solutions. Almost any business challenges are underpinned by human capital, these in turn can utilise Insights Discovery to solve issues. Using the Insights language of colour into your issue identification and your solution design.

I recently attended a Continuous Professional Development session with the Insights Team who showed us the benefits of using the Insights Business Challenge Analysis cards to help gather people’s views on their organisation’s approach to critical business issues, enabling the organisation to have a clear, focused approach on business critical issues gaining clarity on how to obtain improvements, creating open, honest dialogue using the language of Insights within all levels of the organisation.

An example of where the Business Challenge Analysis cards could help generate revenue, using the language of Insights Discovery colour, using a fiery red approach to work harder, more competitively, quicker and looking for quick immediate wins to generate revenue., a sunshine yellow approach to innovate, look for new ways to generate revenue streams, engage and motivate within the organisation, earth green approach to listen to customers and support them and create win-win outcomes or a cool blue approach to analyse successes, look for new to replicate tried and tested approaches.

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