How Insights Discovery Can Help Boost Sports Performance

Cricket bat and ball

Insights Discovery has long been known as a particularly useful tool for businesses, helping companies get to the top of their game and stay there by encouraging people to work together more effectively, deciphering motivations and understanding how different members of staff respond to feedback.

But did you know that the programme can be just as beneficial outside the corporate world? Writing for the Insights Discovery blog, co-founder and CEO of Insights Andy Lothian explained that resilience is absolutely key for sports teams and individuals to reach the very pinnacle of success in their chosen field – and resilience is all about self-understanding.

This is where Insights Discovery can come into its own. By gaining a greater level of self-understanding and awareness, athletes are better able to notice how they respond and react when something goes wrong and is out of their control. They can then work on their coping abilities and perhaps even take advantage of the uncontrollable.

“When sportspeople have an Insights Discovery experience, they’re layering their understanding of themselves. At first glance, they may instinctively reach for the strengths of their dominant colour energy, but knowing that they can easily access the strengths of others is like stacking the deck in their favour before the game even begins. There’s just so much more in their reserves, increasing their adaptability and their quick response to changing circumstances,” Mr Lothian went on to note.

If you want to find out more about Insights Discovery and how it can benefit you and your company, or your sports team, check out our blog post about the programme and what it could do for you. Here, you’ll find a basic introduction to the program, including information on its four-colour model that should help you implement wider programmes at work to suit the needs of your company.

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