How Insights Discovery can improve Team Effectiveness

Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness Model

Recently I have been working with large scale global engineering companies to improve team effectiveness. Using #Insights Discovery we have been able to identify the composition of the wheel, where individuals are on the Insights Discovery wheel, what colour energies are dominant and where they may be lacking.

By sharing profiles and working collaboratively the teams have been able to identify the team’s strengths and challenges and by using interactive exercises creating action plans to take forward after the workshop has ended.

In the three and half years I have been using Insights Discovery I have found that creates a common language, a space for open and honest dialogue within the team and amongst individuals. The four colour model has enabled teams to identify the most important issues for team development, acted as a diagnostic for potential problems and areas for development dramatically increasing team effectiveness.

One interesting exercise that I have undertaken with teams is the Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness model, where, the team using the four Insights Colours has identified how effective the team is, in terms of:

Team Focus (Fiery Red energy) – Is the team results oriented and have a shared purpose?

Team Flow (Sunshine Yellow energy) –  Is the team agile and work collaboratively?

Team Climate (Earth Green energy) – Is there a climate of trust, cooperation and cohesion?

Team Process (Cool Blue energy) – How effective are the current working methods and measurement?

By mapping where the team is in terms of these four factors, this provides a framework for team improvement.

Insights Team Effectiveness workshops can help your team make a breakthrough by moving beyond issues, to confront problems in a positive, practical and engaging way that encourages shared ownership, greater morale and team spirit. The workshops provide clear action plans and allow teams to constantly monitor progress towards both individual and collective goals.

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