How to Deliver Training Online

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7 Tips to Delivering Effective Online Training

In modern day workplaces time out of the office for training may be difficult and online learning may be the best appraoch or indeed a blended learning approach – a mix of instructor led, online learning and on job learning.
Wheb delivering online training or learning this can be a bit overwhelming. There are many online platforms for your course such as Moodle, but need help creating some interactive, relevant course material.

Here are 7 tips to help you create an ‘off the shelf’ course. Follow these simple steps and you are sure to succeed!

1.Prepare, prepare, prepare. Take your time building your course content and putting it online. Be sure to practice and prepare a script for any video or audio recordings.
2.Make it relevant. Be sure the material taught in your course is up-to-date and relevant for the learner. Connect with the user about how this material can apply outside of the virtual classroom.
3. Engage your learners. A great way to engage participants from the moment they register for your class is by creating a pretest or survey. But remember, it is important to engage with your learners throughout the entire course, not just at the beginning or end.
4. Give examples. How can the learner apply this material in real life? A great way to show the learner how the material is relevant to them is through different examples.
5. Know your end goal. What are you designing your course for? How are you going to achieve your goal? Make a goal and create a plan to successfully deliver your course.
6. Make it memorable. If your learners can’t retain any of the information, they can’t use it. Engage with their emotions, use repetition, and space the material out over a period of time – these techniques may help with getting the information to “stick.”
7. Think “out of the box.” Your material should be refreshed regularly with the latest events, research, ideas, and links. Collaborate with guest speakers and build your credibility by adding new course material on a regular basis, rather than repurposing your old material.

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