Improve through self awareness

Improve through self awareness

Self awareness is a highly fascinating topic as these days it is associated with solo bike ride to different isolated places and exploring various aspects of life, blogging, a well built guy is considered strong headed, weed and other alcoholic stuff are mode to self awareness.

Now the million dollar question, are these overhyped facts are media created myths or modern methods towards self awareness. These measures are catalyst, but self awareness is a state and can be easily achieved anywhere and anytime. Self awareness comes with self improvement.

Self awareness is being conscious about one’s feelings and emotions. If mind is an app, then self awareness is complete user manual guide to run. Self awareness or insight discovery is usually associated with enhanced emotional intelligence invoked through various psychological skills such as leadership, effective communication or life coaching.

The insight discovery profile of an individual or a group helps in understanding the personal needs, behavior pattern, habits, strengths, weakness, dreams and unlocking every feeling connecting you with the world.

The greatest discovery is finding you and doing what suits your preferences and behavior and easily adapting to different situations in life. One who know who he is can evaluate and alter others belief system, develop curiosity and easily understand how others perceive you.

During insight discovery training program, the practitioners revealed that many people are not aware about the blind spot and how unconsciously it is affecting their life on a regular basis. They are not able to express their problem, find scary to share their painful experiences. They tend to focus on external task rather than the real problem.

Self awareness is a road map to your past, present and the future. It is the first baby step towards self improvement. Understand your mind and make health changes.

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