Insights Discovery and the Jungian Preferences Explained

Insights Discovery Eight Types

The Insights Discovery colour energy mix describes the persona – or set of preferences that an individual has. It is composed of the Jungian preferences or functions, so too are the Insights Colour energies that represent the culture of your organisation.

What are the 8 preferences or functions?

A fundamental or Jung’s typology is that there are two pairs of functions:

  • The perceiving function: sensing and intuition
  • The decision making function: thinking and feeling

These four functions are then combined with what Jung called ‘attitude’ to create eight attitudinal functions. Jung defined two of these:

  • Attitude to the inner world – Introversion
  • Attitude to the outer world – extraversion

Jung suggested that personality was not just based on the the function a person preferred to use but also on whether they used the function in the inner or outer world.

A thinker can either be an introverted thinker or an extraverted thinker, each function – sensing, intuition, thinking and feeling can be used with each attitude i.e. introversion or extraversion. This creates the eight attitudinal functions.

  • Introverted thinking     Extraverted thinking
  • Introverted intuition    Extraverted intuition
  • Introverted sensing     Extraverted sensing
  • Introverted feeling     Extraverted feeling

These translate to the eight Insights types shown in the diagram.

The eight personality types will help shape your organisations culture or organisational psyche, they will be present in the culture. By analysing the colour energies and finding out what the dominant colour energy is in the group this can hugely influence culture, the inclined or secondary colour energy can also play a role in shaping the culture.

Cool blue energy culture is introverted thinking and can create a hierachy culture, fiery red  culture is extraverted thinking and is a market culture, earth green is introverted feeling and provides a clan culture and sunshine yellow is extraverted feeling and is adhoc culture.

Insights Discovery four colour model can be used to analyse the make up and culture of an organisation by mapping all the employees or team members on the team wheel and measuring the percentage of colour energies, we can then learn more about what makes the team or organisation tick, what they are good and what they are not so good at.

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