Insights Discovery Colour Energies Explained

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Looking into Insights Discovery personal profiles can be really interesting, whether you just want to find out a bit more about yourself or are keen to find out how and why people work well together.

The system itself recognises that every single person within any given organisation is a unique individual, with different needs, styles and expectations – and that recognising this is key to making the best out of each person on your team.

There are four colour energies that have been identified that can be used to describe personalities. If you’re a Fiery Red, for example, you’re likely to be positive, bold, affirmative, decisive, demanding, goal-oriented and strong-willed.

Sunshine Yellow people, meanwhile, are social, expressive, demonstrative, creative and dynamic. While they may commit to an idea, they can often discard it quickly if the excitement of it wanes… which may make them seem shallow and impractical when the going gets tough.

Cool Blues, on the other hand, are objective, analytical, show no bias, are questioning, precise, formal and cautious. They typically follow logic, facts and principles that are found in reality in order to live their lives. They’re excellent planners, organisers and administrators, and will complete tasks systematically from start to finish.

And then there are Earth Green people. These are calming, tranquil, patient, caring, amiable, encouraging and calming, with genuine concern for others.

It might be interesting to find out how the people in your office can be categorised, especially if you have a big project coming up and aren’t sure where their particular strengths and weaknesses lie.

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