Insights Discovery Helps Team Improve Communications

Almost everything anyone wants or needs will depend on others to a great degree. This is true for everyone whether they are managers, scientists, teachers etc…. Everyone’s success will depend largely on the effectiveness of communication skills. Communication is therefore the most important skill within a business.

Communication is much more than simply the words we choose to speak. It involves the words are spoken as well as the body language that accompanies it. Written communication involves the media chosen to transmit the words and the presentation. Studies have suggested that the actual words account for only 7% of any communication.

Effective communicators utilise everything involved in the communication to get their message over. In other words, we are a product of our ability to communicate.

Part of good communication is to impart a message in a way that the perception of the receiver matches that of the transmitter. In other words, the style and method of communication is always matched to suit those with whom we are communicating.

Insights Discovery four colour model can be used to enable people to understand their preferred communication style, how they want to be communicated with and how they don’t. Many misunderstandings within the workplace are caused by a mismatch. During our workshops we use the Communication chapter with teams so they know how each of the team members want to be communicated with in order to have more effective teams





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