Investing in Human Capital is vitally important for Individuals and the Business

Insights Discovery 8 type wheel

Line managers or leaders are always looking for something from their team, improved productivity, customer service, engagement to name a few.

This relationship is a two way street, individuals need something from the organisation this is not necessarily cash, but respect and an investment in them – development in them in the form of personal development.

An investment in people is a force multiplier that is hard to measure but can last a lifetime.


Providing them with the various soft skills which they can use both in and out of the workplace to improve communication, interpersonal relationships, collaboration and many more. Employers are often quick to invest in ‘hard skills’ i.e. the training that is needed to do the job effectively, but sometimes fail to recognise the benefits of the soft skill investment.

A recent Gallup poll has stated that 45% of Millenials say that a job that accelerated their development is important to them – in just ten years this generation will make up three quarters of the workforce.

Different people in an organisation have different strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. Insights Discovery personal effectiveness training provides a common language in organisations for all different types of people to speak and understand a common language, the language of colour providing breakthroughs for your business.

In a short period of time, individuals can not only learn about themselves – delving deeply into what makes them tick, what their unique strengths, weaknesses and blindspots are but how they are perceived by others around them. Using the Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness Programme ‘Beginning the Journey’ programme they will also find out what personality type their colleagues are and how best to adapt their own style to connect and communicate better. The Insights Discovery method is based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung and is based on a four colour model, Fiery Red, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow and Cool Blue. Each and every one of us have a unique mix of these colours to give us our unique personality type.


Call us today to find out how we can help you invest in your people with our Insights Discovery programmes and provide them with vital soft skills in their personal development journey for life.

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