Is eLearning the Solution to Meeting the Training Needs of SMEs

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are considered a source of economic growth and are seen as a key sector for creating employment in many countries around the world. Consequently, training and learning are considered critical to SMEs’ growth in many countries.

Training is one of the basic means of human resources development in business organisations, aiming to motivate employees, to develop their potential and to help them perform better.The end of the 20th century has seen the advent of globalisation and the diffusion of new information and communication technologies. Businesses have to change and adapt to the requirements of the new knowledge-based and skill-based economy. Facing pressures from an increasingly competitive business environment, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are called upon to implement strategies that are enabled and supported by information technologies and e-business applications in order to compete with others’ organisations.

A companie’s investment in training and updating its employees’ skills is a key element of its growth. Historically, SMEs do not provide sufficient training mainly because they cannot spare time for employees to attend external training programs and because internal training is too expensive. With the massive increase in the popularity in eLearning it makes sense for SMEs to embrace e-Learning to provide training, they are flexible, relatively cost effective and can be highly targeted.

At Churchill Square Training & Development we supply SMEs with a range of over 140 soft skills courses, these courses can be taken by indivudals or specifically tailored to the organisational needs. We are able to create bespoke courses, put your branding on them which lets individuals undertake the learning when and where they want to, creating an environment which is flexible where learners can learn at their own pace.

If you would like to know how we can deliver elearning solutions to your organisation or you just want to browse our elearningcoursesn get in touch today on 023 92 160840 or 07811 946315 or email

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