Muslim Inequalities In Employment ‘Must Be Tackled’

A new report from the Women and Equalities Select Committee is calling on the government to address inequalities in employment that Muslim people in the UK now face, with the demographic experiencing the highest levels of unemployment across all religious and ethnic groups.

In all, 19 recommendations have been made by the organisation to tackle these disadvantages, with the government urged to provide support to work, address discrimination in the workplace, improve access to university and support Muslim women’s aspirations more effectively.

Other recommendations include giving parents and students enough information to make informed choices and career and education choices, raising awareness among employers of what makes up illegal discrimination and equipping those working in Jobcentre Plus branches with tools and training to improve their understanding of the employment issues that Muslim people face.

The report concluded that discrimination, inequality and Islamophobia affects the lives of Muslim women in particular, both when seeking work and once in a job.

“We heard evidence that stereotypical views of Muslim women can act as a barrier to work. The data suggests that in communities these patterns are shifting across generations but we remain concerned that this shift is happening too slowly and that not all Muslim women are being treated equally,” Maria Miller, Committee chair, said.

Harun Khan, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, welcomed the results and recommendations of the report, adding that it is unsurprising that discrimination is now being felt across the board, with women in particular suffering as a result.

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