Putting soft skills at the heart of Learning and Development

Soft Skills training courses

Soft skills are can be defined as a cluster of productive personality traits that characterise one’s relationships in a milieu. These skills can include social graces such as interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence communication abilities, personal habits, cognitive or emotional empathy, time management, teamwork and leadership traits. Often neglected by organisations as ‘soft and fluffy’ and notoriously difficult to measure, a question that is often asked is how to do we put soft skills at the heart of Learning and Development efforts? In response to this I feel that once you integrate learning fully into the business the organisation is well on the way to embedding a culture of learning that will permeate through. One of most popular courses is based on Insights Discovery, a psychometric testing tool based on the work of Carl Jung on preferences, the psychology is the same as that of Myers Briggs (MBTI). Our personal effectiveness course can provide tangible differences in as little as two hours, although our half day workshop proves better value for both individuals and organisations. People on the course really get to understand what makes them tick, why they act the way they act and how they can be perceived by others, they then learn how to adapt their style depending on who they are interacting with in order to get the best possible outcome from the relationship.

At Churchill Square Training and Development we offer a suite of 140 soft skills courses which we have categorised into various headings: sales and customer service, HR, personal effectiveness, communications, anger and conflict resolution, equality, harassment, diversity and inclusion, business effectiveness and planning, training and facilitaton, leadership and team effectiveness and health and safety. Due to popular demand we not only offer these courses in one or two day workshops we now offer them in short masterclass elearning modules meaning learners can learn whenever they want in the shorterst amount of time, on average 4-5 hours, at the end of the course a short assessment validates the learning and an online certificate can be downloaded.

In our suite of courses, the best sellers often are surprising with ‘Anger Management: Understanding Anger’ being proving the most popular. This course helps people understand either their own anger or how to react when on the other end of anger as the recipient of an angry customer or client.

Elearning has proved to be a really popular learning option for both SMEs and individuals proving to be both cost effective in terms of time and money, they also give you the flexibily to learn wherever and whenever you have an internet connection.


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