Recognising an Insights Discovery Type: The Motivator

Insight Discovery 72 type wheel

Are you a good communicator who is naturally participative, with a thirst for exploration and is constantly coming up with new possibilities and ideas.

Revelling in any challenge or opportunity and will jump at the chance to try out something new. If this sounds like you – you are likely to be an Insights Discovery Motivator type.

With a strong preference for extraversion,enjoying public recognition and work assignments that are high profile.

Other people see you as dynamic personality with a great deal of enthusiasm and with a belief in what’s possible with endless optimisim. Your goals involve prestige and respect and you bring your dynamic energy and willingness to take a risk to team working.

Extraverted in nature the Motivator is Carl Gustav Jung’s ‘Intuitive’ type. They are good decision makers and have the ability to work with and through people

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