Recognising an Insights Discovery Type: The Reformer

Insights Discovery Reformer

Are you a critical and rigorous thinkers who drives for results setting very high standards for yourself and others ?

You are likely to be an Insights Discovery Reformer type.

Reformer 1


Your competitive drive for outcomes is counterbalanced by a restraining need for excellence and perfection. Their inner drive consists of deep thought at speed and attention to the task in hand, their reactions are tempered by a wish to explore all possible solutions before deciding. They influences others by both being efficient and perfection. With a love of problem solving problem solving with a tendency to work at their best when they have the freedom and space to operate independently.

Reformers are self-disciplined with high standards and ethics with a reasonable and responsible approach to all that they do.

The reformer is Carl Gustav Jung’s ‘Thinking’ type – they make decisions by thinking. Phrases you may hear people say may be: ‘He/she is a perfectionist and always works hard at getting everything right’ or ‘they can be relied on to finish a project, even if it means taking work home’.

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