Improving Sales Performance

70% of most change initiatives fail

Sales are vital to any organisation. Revitalise and re-energise your sales teams with Insights Discovery and Sales Development Training. Help your sales people to be more effective throughout the sales process and build good customer relationships along the way.

Insights Discovery ‘Effective Selling’ chapter has three functions:

  • Help the salesperson understand self , it shows them how to focus on strengths and forge effective relationships, understand and improve weaknesses and be aware of personal blindspots. It also allows people to understand how how they are perceived by customers.
  • Help the salesperson understand their customers, how they have different needs and wants, understanding these differences are essential to the sales process.
  • How to adapt and connect effectively in order to influence the customer.

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.


53% of UK businesses believe that customer service has become more important over the past 12 months.

66% of UK consumers believe customer service has either stayed the same or deteriorated over the past three years. Only 3% believe it has improved a lot and 22% a little.

81% of customers would be willing to pay more in order to receive superior customer service

Insights Sales Development Training workshops can:

  • Help you understand your sales team’s personal styles and find out how to adapt to all customer types.
  • Help your build stronger interpersonal relationships.
  • Help your team understand the entire sales pathway the course can
  • Identify customer’s needs and wants and improve how sales people deal with them.
  • Identify key personal strengths for developing a powerful and effective proposing style.
  • Identify key strengths in dealing with buying resistance and suggest strategies to deal with resistance.
  • Identify the strengths in gaining commitment to the sale and suggest areas for development.
  • Helps sales teams to develop good customer relationships following the sale.

The course will work with your sales team to deliver a bespoke sales development programme tailored to your own requirements, exploring the salesperson's mindset every step of the way.

Course Details

We can deliver an in house training course  in any UK  and overseas location. All our workshops are tailored to individuals clients and vary from 2 hours to 2 days. The course includes an Introduction to Insights Discovery session which is essential prior to the Improving Sales Performance Course.
Please contact us for details.

We currently offer in house courses, if  you don’t have a venue, we can source one for you!


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