Switch Off To Avoid Stress

Stress management training courseStress management training course

There’s no doubt that the world of work has become more stressful since the introduction of technology that allows us to be constantly connected. While mobile phones, global internet access and home working all have their perks, there’s a downside too.

And with the news that French workers will now have the legal right to ignore emails or texts sent after hours, is it time to look at how our working practices impact us in the UK?

A number of Guardian readers have provided suggestions on how they deal with stress, and one of the top themes is making time to switch off.

Lindsay Orridge, a former PR director, told the newspaper that physically turning off her phone is important, as is getting outside.

“My advice for de-stressing is to get outside, switch off your phone and set boundaries,” she stated.

She also pointed out that working too hard and too many hours and failing to take care of your health and mental wellbeing won’t help anyone in the long run.

An anonymous lecturer also recommended spending time outdoors, and particularly going for a walk somewhere that you can escape the pressures of work and daily life, and also setting a time at which you switch off from work. This particular individual follows the rule of no emails after 6pm.

If you are concerned that your employees may be getting too stressed at work – or taking their jobs home with them – consider investing in a course to help them with their personal effectiveness training. By becoming more productive while they’re at work, they will hopefully feel less need to stay connected out of hours.

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