The 24 Hour News Cycle is Now 24 Seconds

Media Skills

Historically, news was only accessed by daily newspapers, radio and television, in the 1990s the introduction of ‘rolling’ news channels meant news was obtained in near real time and the news cycle was a rolling 24 hour cycle. New digital technologies and the introduction of the internet the means and speed by which news is accessed has changed significantly, both ‘pull’ and ‘push’ technologies have enabled us to access news on online news websites and via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google alerts, RSS feeds and YouTube to name a few. The speed at which news is received and the way in which it is globally shared is now mere seconds rather than hours or minutes. With this increased speed, collaboration and sharing and user generated content comes both advantages and disadvantages for both organisations and individuals.

Social media has caused major changes on who, what and how quickly we talk about, the 24-hour news cycle it has suggested is now an anachronism consigned to the history books, it has been replaced by 24 seconds

This for organisations, particularly in times of crisis can be fatal if the organisation isn’t trained in how to deal effectively with the plethora media outlets. Organisational reputation that has taken decades to produce and refine can be shattered in minutes.

Holding lines, key messaging and the speed of response is vital to fill the information that can be produced in times of crisis.

At Churchill Square Consulting we run one and two day courses to enable you to effectively deal with the media both in crisis and non – crisis situations.

It’s easy to become nervous or tongue-tied when being in this situation. Plenty of people get distracted when they consider that what they are saying could very soon be on some news organization’s website or Twitter feed.

Being uneasy is perfectly understandable, but you can learn to deal with the media, on a one-off basis, or as a recurring situation. Our course will give you the tools you need when dealing with the media and putting your best foot forward without putting your foot in your mouth.

To find out how we can help you train you in media skills contact us on 02392 160840 / 07811 946315 or

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