Tips for Communicating in Colour with Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery Communicating in Colour

Insights Discovery is a simple four colour model that utilises the work of Carl Jung and helps us to understand ourselves and others better.Every person has a blend of all four colour energies, the combination of these energies makes each of us unique. Fiery Red energy shows up as a strong determination that influences, Sunshine Yellow radiates enthusiasm, encouraging, relishing the company of others, individuals with high Earth Green energy see the world through what they value, seeking harmony and meaningful relationships, individuals with a Cool Blue preference have a desire to know and understand the world around them, they like information to be accurate and complete.

Each of us have a lead colour energy, this is our preference and generally determines our preferred communication method or style. In order to get the best out of interpersonal relationships it is necessary to adapt and connect to each and every person we meet in order to be more effective.

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