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When the 75 members of the stanford graduate school of business’s advisory council were asked to recommend the most important capability for leaders to develop, their answer was nearly unanimous.

Being an effective leader begins with you...

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Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership enables new and experienced managers and leaders:

Results Leadership: Focused on results through clear direction and goal setting; a strong task focus with the ability to prioritise and get the job done in an efficient way.

Visionary Leadership: Focused on creating a compelling vision that the team is excited about and bought into, assessing needs and opportunities that exist and identifying ways to fulfil them.

Relationship Leadership: Focused on nurturing and developing the potential of people, building mutual respect and enabling collaboration.

Centred Leadership: Focused on being authentic, having a clear sense of purpose and being true to your values, being present in the moment and paying full attention to the task in hand.

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Our leadership development training programmes are ideal if you want to :

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