Understanding the Creative Type on the Insights Discovery Wheel

Insights Discovery Four colour energy

I recently ran an Insights Discovery workshop and unusually had two creative types within the small team. So I thought today’s blog will be a simple explanation on the unique gifts that creative types bring to organisations.

In the Discovery model, the four colour energies comprise of two pairs of psychological opposites. Fiery Red is both extraversion and Jung’s attitudinal thinking function, it’s polar opposite is Earth Green in which introversion and Feeling dominate.

With Sunshine Yellow energy, Extraversion and Feeling dominate and in its polar opposite energy, Cool Blue, Introversion and Thinking dominate.  Individuals in a creative position on the Discovery Wheel have polar opposite energies as their dominant and second highest preferences i.e.

Fiery Red / Earth Green

Earth Green / Fiery Red

Cool Blue / Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow / Cool Blue

According to Jung’s theory of types, a rational type is where your least preferred function is the polar opposite of your dominant function. Your least preferred function is usually in an unconscious part of the psyche, as the two are normally at odds with each other.

People in the creative position have developed this part of their psyche, mastering this function that would normally lie in the unconscious. The leading expert in this field in Mihaly Csikszentmihaly is aid:

“If there is one word that makes creative people different from others, it is the word complexity. Instead of being an individual, they are a multitude. Like the colour white that includes all colours, they tend to bring together the entire range of human possibilities within themselves. Creativity allows for paradox, light, shadow, inconsistency, even chaos –and creative people experience both extremes with equal intensity.”

When Jung was describing this type, he did not necessarily mean a great artist, they see and respond to the world in opposing ways and the creativity may manifest itself in various ways, including science, cooking or writing, some of the most famous creative people include Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein. The word creative simply describes the dynamic tension that exists in these individuals

Creative people has opposites actively in play, having the ability to move from introversion to extroversion and vice versa. They are able to adapt to their environment that require them to engage in a colour preference which is opposite to their dominant preference

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