Using Insights Discovery to Improve Team Culture

Insights Discovery for team performance

Employee teams are one of the best ways to get things done in any business. When you take a group of independently talented people and create a team in which they can merge their talents, not only will a remarkable amount of energy and creativity be released, but their performance, loyalty and engagement will be greatly improved.

The Insights Discovery model of preferences can help organisations build extraordinary team culture. By understanding how individuals contribute to teams through preferences and gifts will help improve team performance. An environment that does not value gifts and preferences may be both frustrating and challenging for all concerned. Teams come in all different sorts, sizes and functions. Insights Discovery can help assess the team’s current environment, by being consciously aware of the team environment that you are in, how individuals communicate, interact and collaborate is the first step to becoming high performing.

By understanding what individual colour preferences make up the team you can then start to understand fully the team characteristics and dominant colour energies. Using various interactive exercises the team can then formulate action plans to understand how best to introduce different ways of working and  improve team effectiveness.

For example, a team leading with predominantly Fiery Red energy would be practical, organised, with a culture of direct challenge, results oriented by understanding the current team culture the team can look applying other approaches. These may include dialling into Sunshine Yellow colour preferences by approaching tasks in an insightful, engaging way, introducing creative, novel communication methods, orientating the team to innovation and growth instead of direct results.

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