Using Insights for Your Journey of Self-Discovery

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What is Insights Discovery?

In recent years Insights Discovery has grown in popularity to become a world leading diagnostic for self-understanding and team development. Conceived by father and son team, Andi and Andy Lothian in 1988, Insights Discovery is based on Carl Jung’s pioneering work on personality typing, and has been used successfully by millions of people worldwide, it uses the same psychological theory similar to that of Myers Briggs (MBTI). It provides a powerful framework for understanding yourself and others, how they think and interact with the world around them. Insights has a range of business diagnostic tools, with Insights Discovery ‘Beginning the Journey’ forming the initial foundation of understanding. Using a simple four colour model, Discovery identifies your style, strengths, weaknesses and the value you potentially bring to a team. Insights Discovery is used by individuals as well as being implemented across entire organisations. Its aim is to increase each person’s understanding of how and why they, and those around them, behave as they do. This awareness is key to improving work communications and relationships, whilst minimising the disruptions caused by conflict. By creating better working relationships between staff, the whole organisation benefits from increased productivity and overall success.

It’s clear that conflict, misunderstandings and communication problems commonly have an impact on many organisations, from small businesses to multi-national corporations. Insights Discovery provides a simple solution to improve those negative issues. It’s one of the most consistently highly rated systems that share this aim.

Individuals complete a simple psychometric evaluation is simple and can be done relatively quickly, it determines your most likely reaction or actions to a series of different situations, Insights Discovery then identifies your personality type and preferences. The system then creates an in depth Insights Discovery Profile which provides a picture of how you work and interact with others. Focusing on aspects such as strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, sales skills, and leadership qualities, decision-making and learning styles, and the information can then be used to evaluate and improve. You’ll also find out your unique mix of personality colours, representing the order and intensity at which you use the aspects associated with each colour energy.

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Four Colour Energies

The fundamentals behind Insights Discovery are based on the work of Carl Jung. Jung identified a set of personality types, defined by an individual’s preferences and behaviour. The elements focus on your levels of introversion versus extroversion, how you think and feel and how your perceive the world around you.

The model is simple and easy to understand, a summary of the four colours is below:

The colour energies and some of their qualities are summarised below:

Cool Blue – A person who has high levels of introversion, teamed with a desire for analysis and ‘thought before action’. Someone scoring a high level of Cool Blue is able to remain objective and detached from a situation.

Earth Green – A person with high levels of Earth Green values relationships with others. Democracy and fairness are important to these people, along with a determination to defend whatever they value.

Sunshine Yellow – Sunshine Yellow creates an extroverted, friendly person who is usually positive and sociable. High levels of Sunshine Yellow denotes a real ‘people person’.

Fiery Red – A person with high levels of Fiery Red is extroverted, assertive and possesses high energy. Action-orientated, these people make good leaders and value both power and control.


Using Insights within Organisations

Companies worldwide have used Insights as a diagnostic tools, providing them with an understanding of how both individuals and teams work. It enables manager to understand an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and anticipate problems before they arise.

The information provided by Insights Discovery is ideal for use in situations such as team building and task delegation. Knowing how someone is likely to react under certain circumstances, or whilst working with certain individuals, provides key foresight during the planning stages of a project. This takes the guesswork out of delegating responsibilities and creating internal management structures. Armed with this knowledge, building effective teams and managing staff development becomes easier, focused and more productive.

Insights Discovery is simple to implement and an enjoyable experience for those involved in the evaluations. The information provided in the Insights Discovery Profile can be used again and again to get the very best results, for both the individual concerned and the organisation as a whole.

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