Want a Great Team? Use Insights Discovery to Create Great Culture

G-WAVE Process with Insights Discovery

Over recent years the focus has been on building a great team, whilst this is important, much of the time the culture of teams and the organisation has been somewhat neglected.

It’s hard to define culture, everyone looks at the culture of companies from their own perspective – ‘Google has a great culture’  ‘Ryanair has a not so great culture’. Ask people what culture means and how it can be created and you’ll get various different answers, ask them about their own companies’ culture and you are likely to get a one word answer – good or bad…

Cultures of companies tend to evolve over time and are very dependent on both personalities within the organisation and particularly the leadership teams but can also be affected by external influences and pressures.

The Insights Discovery profiling tool is an excellent tool that can be used to shift your current team culture to the team’s ‘ideal culture’. By truly understanding what individual strengths each team member brings to the team, the team can be effectively analysed to consider what stage of team development or maturity the team has reached.

Using what we call the Insights G-WAVE process you can transform team culture.

So, how does this actually happen in practice. It is first important to assess the current team’s environment, by exploring aspects of the team that are energising and inspiring and also aspects that you find draining and frustrating. By looking at each colour energy individually and using the G-Wave process below the team can start shifting its culture.

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