We offer a huge range of 185 soft skills courses that we are able to deliver via web-based software to enable you to have an interactive face to face learning experience from any location.

Our webinars are fully interactive with all members present in the ‘virtual room’ and are able to see and discuss the course content with the instructor at any point in the session.

Traditional webinars are ‘push’ ‘one to all’ learning. We offer the benefits of a webinar augmented with you being able to see and talk to the instructor.

Most sessions are 60-90 minutes long as research has suggested that this is an effective length for this type of learning.
We are able to tailor all of our courses into this method of learning; a standard course consists of 3 video webinars scheduled to your convenience.

How it works

All of our sessions can be recorded and can be listened to again
Benefits of interactive video webinars:



Blended learning

Recorded if required

What’s included?

Bespoke course design and preparation – we design the course to ensure that you obtain maximum
return on investment from the training course. It will be tailored
exactly to your organisation and your business needs


Various courses to improve your written, verbal or presentation skills.

Personal Effectiveness

Courses available include critical thinking to improving your personal brand.

Sales & Customer Services

Online sales training, customer service skills development.

Anger & Conflict Resolution

Courses designed to enable you to understand anger and deal with anger, to resolve conflict or resolve disputes.

Equality, harassment, diversity & inclusion

Courses aimed at giving awareness on equality, disability, bullying, harassment includes the Equality Act 2010.

Training & facilitation

Courses in training, including train the trainer and facilitation skills.

Business Effectiveness & Planning

From lean and continuous improvement to strategic planning, all you need in business.


Various e courses on improving leadership or team building.


Various HR related e-Learning courses.

For more information on our training, Just make a call on 023 92 160840 or email us : enquiries@churchillsquareconsulting.co.uk