What Changes Will 2017 Bring To The Workplace?

Planning training courses

There are only a few weeks left till the beginning of a new year, and 2017 could mark the start of many new things – including significant changes in the workplace.


From prioritising security to improving team development training opportunities, these developments could make your place of work feel like a different environment entirely.


  • Focus on training


It is easy to get complacent at work when you have been doing the job for a long time. Similarly, it is easy for bosses to assume their staff are offering their best skills if they are very experienced in the role.


However, jobs change and responsibilities need to adapt with the times, which is why many companies will launch the year with a focus on improving training opportunities for their staff members.


This could include skill-based training so they are at the top of their field for their role. Alternatively, businesses may put their employees on staff management training, so they learn how to work in a team, make managerial decisions and lead a group of people to their bring out their best capabilities.


  • Improving security


Companies these days do not function without use of the internet, whether it is to publicise the firm through their own websites and social media networks, or to access vital information needed for the company to progress.


However, by using the internet regularly, they put themselves at risk of a cyber attack if they do not have adequate online security.


That’s why companies are going to stop leaving themselves vulnerable to hacking and beef up their security next year, so staff can access the internet without putting the business at risk.

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