What Organisational Culture are you facing?

Insights Discovery team

Following on from our last blog on how Insights Discovery can help organisational culture and improve team effectiveness, which of the four colour energies is your organisation’s primary influence?

Does your organisation have a Cool Blue approach?

This can be a formalised, structured place to work, procedures and methodology tend to structure what people do and how they work. The leaders are good co-ordinators with an eye for details, formal rules, processes and procedures hold the organisation together. To summarise a ‘Cool Blue’ organisational structure is about the facts, details and understanding of the big picture with the ability to detach emotions, a downside can be that it focusses too much internally and can have a ‘paralysis to analysis’ approach.

Does your organisation have a Fiery Red approach?

If your organisation is results oriented and driven, concerned with ‘getting the job done’ regardless. Then it is likely to have a ‘Fiery Red’ approach. The leaders are competitive, hard drivers and can be tough and demanding. Reputation and success are important as is an emphasis on winning, competitive pricing and market share. Standards are high and it can be highly disciplined, the downside can be everything is about winning and competition.

Does your organisation have an Earth Green approach?

Is it a friendly, non confrontational place to work, where the place has a friendly feel about it. The leaders or senior managers see themselves more as coaches or mentors. Pride and loyalty are important to everyone, and success perhaps is defined by customer satisfaction. An ‘Earth Green’ culture is compassionate and genuine, a downside may be that its culture can be stubborn and resistant to change.

Does your organisation have a Sunshine Yellow approach?

Organisation with a Sunshine Yellow approach are fun, dynamic, and entrepreneurial with leaders who are willing to take risks. The organisation is innovative, creative and leading edge encouraging initiative and freedom creating opportunities for people to success and fulfil their potential, the downsides can be endless experiments and re-starting projects.

By understanding your team’s lead colour energy you can start to improve the performance of teams and individuals within your organisation.

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