Why Giving Positive Feedback is so important

Giving Effective Feedback

One important skill for managers is providing feedback. Feedback can be used to give information or praise, but it is also extremely useful as a tool to help people to improve. Typically, it has two main purposes:

Firstly, to motivate: when team members are performing well, feedback can increase confidence and encourage them to continue at that level of performance.

Secondly, to correct: when team members are not performing as well as you would like, feedback can help determine how to change and improve their performance.

Good quality feedback can achieve a number of things; for example, it:
• Improves performance
• Helps motivation
• Boosts confidence
• Develops skills and understanding
• Shows people you value them

Feedback is used in a wide range of leadership and management activities. It is critical when:

  • Providing coaching support.
    • Conducting performance management reviews and appraisals.
    • Engaging in more general, one-to-one discussions.
    • Reviewing how well a delegated activity is progressing.
    • Handling conflict.
    • Facilitating.

The power of feedback as a motivational tool

Feedback is very much a part of organisational life, yet one aspect of giving feedback is often under used and undervalued. It is also an aspect of feedback that has considerable potential.

Feedback can be a simple yet powerful motivational tool. Just by praising people for what they have done, leaders can have a galvanising effect. It’s strange that something so effective yet simple is so rarely or poorly done.

Giving praise is a simple, two-step process

  1. Look out for the behaviours and practice you want to see.
  2. As soon as you see what you want to encourage, make sure you praise the person.

At Churchill Square Training and Development we have designed both an elearning course and also a face to face instructor led one day course on helping workplace leaders learn how to provide feedback any time that the message is due. Whether feedback is formal or informal, and whether it is provided to employees, peers, or someone else, there are ways that it can be structured to be effective and lasting.

Our course will help people learn why the way we deliver is feedback is important, how to deliver a message so that people accept it and make changes that may be needed, and how to accept feedback that we are offered.

Click here for more details on the course and its content or contact us on

02392 160840/07811 946315 or enquiries@churchillsquareconsulting.co.uk

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