Why is the Insights Discovery Profile so ‘spookily’ accurate?

In recent years the Insights Discovery personality profile has grown in popularity compared to the Myer Briggs or DiSC.  Insights is ‘simple’, easy to understand, memorable and most importantly fun. Based on four colours, fiery red, sunshine yellow, earth green and cool blue – each and every one of us has a unique blend of these colour energies that make up our personalities. Both Insights and Myers Briggs have their roots in the pioneering work ‘Psychological Types’ by Dr Carl Jung, he suggested that people have psychological preferences, which give them a different perspective on situations. People’s preference concerning their interest in the external world as opposed to the internal world – introversion or extroversion to describe these two attitudinal functions. Whether people take notice through their senses i.e. ‘sensing’ or influences by general impressions and patterns ‘intuition’, or how they make decisions, logical analysis in a detached and impersonal way ‘thinking’ or coming to decisions in a subjective and involved manner ‘ feeling’.  By taking these four processes sensing vs intuition, thinking vs feeling, extraversion vs introversion Jung identified eight personality combinations- Dr Jolande Jacobi in 1942 presented these in a wheel form to further assist understanding.

The Insights Model is a faithful reproduction of this Jacobi-Jungian model and these personality preferences are accurately reflected in your Individual Insights Discovery Profile.

The most commonly understood trait is introversion, extraversion, Dr Carl Jung pointed out: “The two types (introvert and extravert) are so different, and present such a striking contrast, their existence becomes quite obvious to the layman once it has been pointed out”. The Insights Discovery system then can map individuals onto eight primary types and goes further to identify 72 related sub-types. By completing a short online questionnaire a comprehensive personal profile is compiled containing 19-20 pates dependent on chapters selected. The foundation chapter is at the heart of the report contacting personal style, preferences, strengths and blind spots and areas for possible development. It can be used for personal growth and development or when used collectively as part of team development.

Insights Discovery along with other personality profiling tools can and do point out the obvious – they enable you to consciously look in the psyche and fully understand these ‘hard wired’ psychological traits that make us all tick. To be an effective individual it is essential to fully and consciously understand ourselves, it is only then, can we learn how to connect and adapt our behaviours to others who are ‘not like us’.  With the help of the memorable Insights Discovery Personal Profile unique one in a hundred billion, you have the most powerful communications system combining self-awareness, and simple colourful communications tool for lasting behavioural change.


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